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Maritime English

Inhalte zum Kurs: Maritime English

  • Introducing my company
  • My job: responsibilities, duties and daily tasks
  • Maritime spelling, pronouncing numbers correctly
  • Types of vessels and their cargo
  • Ship and cargo handling (hazardous materials)
  • Locations on board, giving directions
  • Emergencies on a vessel (fire, general alarm, person over board…)
  • Evacuation, handling of life boats and -rafts
  • Proper usage of life jacket and immersion suit
  • Safety equipment, IMO symbols and signs
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), usage and audit
  • My workstation: engine room, on deck, bridge…
  • Materials, tools, equipment, parts, components
  • Maintenance and repair works
  • Giving / receiving orders
  • SMCP (Standard marine communication phrases)
  • Weather situations (risks and dangers)

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